Saturday, 11 September 2010


I woke up at half past eight - fairly early considering the long day and late night yesterday. I sorted my luggage out and then went to San Gines for breakfast. The churros con chocolate was delicious!

The world famous Chocolatería San Gines

What a breakfast! Churros con chocolate and a coffee!

That tasted lush!

I spent the rest of the morning being a guiri, visiting all of the tourist shops. I bought myself a Real Madrid t-shirt, a DVD and some coasters. I then went back to the hotel to pick up my backpack and check out, and then took the metro to the airport. Once there. I made my way to left luggage to retrieve my bike box, and then checked it all in.

I had got to the airport early so had loads of time to spare. The gate changed twice, which was a pain, and there was the usual scrum at the gate. The flight wasn't full, and I managed to get a seat by the emergency exit with more leg room. Unfortunately, I was sat next to an idiot with a crap pair of headphones and a drum app on his iPhone, who sat there tapping away for most of the flight. Thankfully my mp3 player was fully charged, so I put my music on and managed to ignore him.

Mum had very kindly offered to meet me from the airport, which I really appreciated as it would have been really difficult getting my gear on and off the tube with the Saturday night crowds. We'd been worried about whether the bike box would fit into the car, but it fit with a little room to spare, and we made it home at about half past eight.

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